Inside look at Monmouth County fitness boot camp unveils the secrets that dozens of residents from Rumson to Tinton Falls have learned to discover a beach body without hours a week at the gym…

“Who Wants to Look Great and Feel Comfortable in Their Bathing Suit?”

“If You Have Been Searching For A Great Workout That Doesn’t Involve Hours On The Boring Treadmill Getting You No Where, Then Look No Further. You Have Finally Found The Answer To Your Questions!  We’ll Sweat Together, Push Each Other and Get Through Every Last Repetition Until You Smile As Your Reach Your Goals!”

Warning: Important: Click the red X if you are comfortable with your current self and want to pass up the most fun and effective solution around. However, if you want to burn over 800 calories during each workout and additional calories while sitting on your couch hours later (yes, it is true!), then continue reading…

Have You Struggled with…

Fad Diets with packaged foods and chalky drinks Fad Workout Routines that get you no where Not fitting into your clothes Feeling lazy and bloated Never having enough time to workout

Buying clothes you can’t stand just to cover your body

Personal Trainers that lose you nothing…except the cash in your wallet

Dear friend, My name is Greg Carbone and I want to tell you an embarrassing story. Today I am healthy, toned and I feel better than I ever have. But things were different not too long ago. 229 pounds of heavy mass made up this fitness trainer’s body. For the first time in my life I had a fat gut and ‘man boobs’.

Things were so embarrassing that I had to constantly wear loose workout clothes because it hurt my stomach to wear my normal sized jeans around my waist.

See, I became obsessed with my job and working so much that I had cut back on my workouts. When the job started to get worse and stress started to grow, the last place I wanted to be was at the gym for 1 more hour to workout. The vicious cycle of being stressed, not sleeping, eating terribly and not working out caught up with me.

My Wife and Clients Changed My Life. Not only did I not want to be that spouse that let themself go, but I also didn’t want to be that trainer who talked the talk, but couldn’t even walk the walk (literally!).

While sitting on the couch watching television one night, I took a look down at my belly and said ‘Goodbye’.

I knew I wanted to lose weight, but I also knew that my old ways that worked when I was younger would no longer work for me anymore.

I obviously wasn’t 21 anymore and couldn’t just do a few crunches and pushups and see a 6 pack appear. No, this was definitely a different battle that called for another solution.

You can only imagine how pumped I was to discover this amazing method

The Fastest, Most Incredible Fat Burning, Muscle Toning, Complete Fitness Solution I had Ever Seen.

Well, the fat is finally gone, my muscles are strong, and I feel like a new man again…in just 5 weeks! I gained strength, endurance and the confidence to start wearing real clothes outside of the gym again without the discomfort of feeling too tight.

My body was totally transformed. I feel so different and good that I absolutely have to share this with as many people as I possibly can.

Now It’s Your Turn! You could use the excuse of starting next week or the week after that, but let’s face it… there will always be a ‘better’ time. You could start now and be carrying 20 less pounds of body fat in 4 weeks and start feeling the best you ever have.


I Did Well, But Check Out How Great These People Did

With This Fitness BootCamp in Monmouth County…

JULIA was able to becomeTHIS Girl!

“Carbone Fitness Boot Camps have helped Julia lose over 100 Pounds and counting”

This past year I really made even more changes to my diet and workout routine and still nothing changed until I was introduced to Carbone Fitness Boot Camps. Greg was so supportive from the beginning and since January I have been working side by side with him. Between his workouts and meal plans, I have seen my body transform. I am so much more confident now and I love what I see in the mirror. Sometimes I can’t even believe it is me! All I can say is that I owe it all to Greg. He showed me exactly what my own individual body needed to make these changes and I am so happy! I would encourage anyone to come and meet with him, because he is so knowledgeable and will help in any way he can.

Lastly, I just want to thank you Greg for all you do and have done. Your support and advice have guided me in the direction I need to be in.

Julia Ull, Matawan, New Jersey

“Kelly ditched the boring treadmill and lame step classes for Carbone Personal Training and is now stronger and leaner than ever”

“It’s amazing the results I am seeing throughout my body. My workouts have changed from just running on a treadmill and various classes. I am lifting more weight than I ever thought possible while working my heart rate and core muscles. I really enjoy the challenge and different exercises Greg teaches me — each session is different and I never get bored. Oh! Did I mention the results?!

I weighed in today at —!! Just in time for the cruise! Thank you! ”

Kelly McCormick, Shrewsbury, New Jersey

SHAWN was able to become…THIS Guy!

“Shawn shed 31 Pounds in just 5 weeks”

“Hey Greg, I wanted to thank you. After 5 weeks on your program I have lost over thirty pounds. I am down to 180 and look forward to losing more.

In terms of cardio fitness I don’t think I have been in this good of shape since high school. The biggest complaint I have is that I can not afford a new wardrobe. I can’t believe that none of my clothes fit me. In fact when I get dressed in the morning it feels like I am wearing a moo-moo.

Plain and simple, your program works.”

Shawn V.

CAREN is in the best shape of her life from her boot camp in Monmouth County!

“After a few short months in Carbone Fitness Boot Camp, Caren is looking…and feeling younger than ever”

“I think it takes different life events to make you realize that you need to change your life. For me, it was my sister’s diagnosis of Breast Cancer at the age of 37. I realized I had been taking my own body for granted, treating it miserably with the food I ate and the lack of exercise I gave it.

I looked all around for a place that would not only motivate me to change, but give me the tools and advise I desperately needed. I am so thankful that I found Greg. In 6 short months, with Greg’s guidance and expertise, I have begun to truly transform my body and life. For the first time in 38 years, I feel (and look!) strong, healthy, and energetic. And this, I owe all to Greg and his dedication to his clients, his creative and differentiated workouts, and to his expertise in nutrition. Thanks, Greg!”

Caren MacConnell, Shrewsbury, New Jersey



  • 45 Minute Full Body Strength Training Combined with Cardio for The Most Effective Fat Burning Workout Ever

  • Ever Changing Classes and Workouts So You Never Get Bored

  • Constant Variations for Difficulty and Current Injuries So EVERYONE Can Do It

  • Small Group Atmosphere So You Constantly Have Individual Attention

  • Challenging Workout Every Time…Guaranteed!


“Wendy has dropped over 7% body fat and now has a flat, toned stomach”

Wendy Abrams, Tinton Falls, NJ

“George feels like a young kid again and has lost 9% body fat using the Carbone Fitness Boot Camp”

I spent less time at the gym but it was more effective. Exercise became mostly fun. I hit my first goal quickly: I dropped a pant size. The routines have altered and adjusted to get over plateaus. I hit moments of overtraining and we worked through that. Results are consistent.

You may have heard someone say, “I feel like a kid again.” Well, I do, or as close to it as I can remember. I believe strength training is basically the Fountain of Youth.

Boot Camps are Fun. Don’t be intimidated by the name. This is how school gym class should have been. Yes, we work hard. But we run, jump, lift, throw, and do different things every time.

People that start working with Greg, stay working with Greg. He’s down-to-earth and even-keeled but underneath there’s a guy who is passionate about this stuff and self-motivated to help.

George Lechner, Tinton Falls, NJ

“With Carbone Fitness BootCamps, Kim lost over 11 pounds of body fat and 5 inches off her hips and waist in just 28 days”

“I wanted to drop a note to let you know how much better I feel after completing your program. I feel stronger, more physically fit and have more endurance. There was no better or time to do something for myself, my metabolism has increased and my clothes fit better. Your program was the jump start I needed to look and feel better about myself.”

Kim Gagnon, Manasquan, New Jersey

“Jen loves the challenge of her Tinton Falls Boot Camp!

“Jen has lost over 7 Pounds of fat and several inches in the first month at her Monmouth County Boot Camp”

I love working with Greg because he challenges you to do things you have never done, or at least things I have never done. He also makes each and every class a little different so you actually look forward to going and seeing what he has in store for you that day. I am stronger than I have ever been and I have seen my body change while working with him. I would tell anyone to give him and his classes a try, you won’t be disappointed! Oh, he is super nice and makes you feel really comfortable at whatever level you are at. He is also there for you, if you have any questions or concerns, just shoot him an email and he will answer you right away. It’s hard and challenging, but so worth it!!!

Jennifer Solano, Ocean Grove, NJ


“DORIS has dropped 9% body fat and works out less than before”

“Doris dropped the boring, old, lengthy treadmill routine for Carbone Training Systems”

Being physically fit and active has always been a part of my life. My fitness goals were not so much to lose a whole lot of weight but to lose body fat and take my fitness to the next level. I had been running approximately 5 miles a day, four days a week for almost twenty years. In addition, I played sports and belonged to a gym. However, I was not satisfied with how I looked or felt. I spent so much time “working out” and had little to show for it. It was becoming tougher to stay in shape and I wasn’t progressing in my training. This is where Greg came in.

Greg was recommended to me through a friend of a friend. I was told he would customize my workouts to my individual needs and manage to keep it fun and interesting. Boy was she right! I started working out with Greg about six months ago and I am thrilled with the way I look and feel. I have seen such changes in my body. I no longer spend countless hours on the treadmill and at the gym. I am working out smarter and more effectively. Every session is challenging, yet rewarding. My results are great!

Training with Greg was the best gift I could have given myself. He is knowledgeable and direct with his approach. This is the first time I have ever had tremendous results with a trainer. I highly recommend Greg to help you reach your fitness goals!

See how this Monmouth County Boot Camp compares to Other Fitness Programs

“Mary Lynn jump started her routine by quickly losing 15 pounds of fat and several inches off her waist and hips using the Carbone Fitness BootCamp in Monmouth County”

“Greg’s definition of fun is thinking up new ways to maximize your workout. In just 28 days I lost 12 pounds and inches off my waist and hips. The best part is that I feel great!”

Mary Lynn Wentway, Shrewsbury, New Jersey

“NIKKI is able to do THIS…AFTER 3 kids!

“After becoming a mother of 3, Nikki used the Carbone Fitness Boot Camp to get her shape back”

“The bootcamp in Eatontown is the best! Since starting about 7 months ago, I have seen a tremendous difference in my body. Not only have I lost weight and toned muscle, but training has been a great stress reliever. I actually get upset if I have to miss a class. It has provided me with more energy to run after my 3 small children, and I love hearing them ask, “Mommy how many lunges did you do tonight?””

Nikki Barreca, Shrewsbury, New Jersey

“Top Physical Therapist in Tinton Falls Trusts Monmouth County BootCamp Trainer With Her Clients”

“I have been a sports physical therapist for 10 years, five of which I have had my own business. Although I now rehabilitate competitive athletes, I am a competitive athlete myself. I played Division I volleyball and professional beach volleyball and I continue to compete at a high level.Through my own personal sports participation as well as working with hundreds of injured athletes, I have been exposed to many personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches. I will admit, it takes a lot to impress me. But from the moment I met Greg Carbone, I knew he had what it takes to be a great trainer and strength and conditioning coach. His education, certifications, experience, personality, dedication, creativity, and desire to stay current all come together to make him one of the best trainers that I know. Greg’s knowledge goes above and beyond most other personal trainers.There are not many people that I trust to continue the care of my patients once they finish PT, but I have recommended many of my patients to Greg and there has been nothing but positive experiences and outcomes. When I first met Greg several years ago he was just developing his skills as a trainer and a strength coach. But now I can honestly say that I consider him a respected and trusted colleague and a true leader in the fields of personal training and strength and conditioning.”

Sharon Wentworth, D.P.T., M.S.P.T., A.T.C., Elite Sports Physical Therapy, Eatontown, NJ

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Greg, Let’s Do This! You Have My Word to Work Hard. I Won’t Quit on You or Myself! Just Tell Me How Much And How To Get Started!

If you were going to hire me or one of my personal trainers for Personal Training, you would be paying at least $650-$700 a month. Even if you went to a crappy chain gym, you would be paying $600 a month from someone who just got their certification last weekend on the internet.

Also, you would have to look far and wide for anyone in Monmouth County (maybe even New Jersey) that offers the guarantee that I offer.

The good news is that you won’t pay anywhere close to $600 a month for training with me. You won’t even pay half that! In fact, your investment will be as little as $189 a month – just $6.19 a day!

I will even throw in your first week of Carbone Fitness Boot Camp for FREE as a Thank You for entrusting me with your health and body.

Here are the Monmouth County Boot Camp Locations And Times…

So make sure to secure your spot at a city near you because space is VERY limited and the last thing you want to do is to miss out on what may be the single most important opportunity for getting you 10x’s stronger, healthier and toner.

Committed to your success,

Greg Carbone, CSCS, CPT, YFS

Carbone Fitness Boot Camp

Ocean & Freehold, NJ


P.S. The body you have always wanted is within reach…a flat, firm stomach, slimmer hips and thighs, and nicely toned muscles.